Item #1016 - Amarena handcrafted kitchen, in Classic and Country style. Lacquered by hand

The idea comes from the desire to give a new shape to the Classic style in order to make it contemporary, it uses ancient lines and modifies them in a modern way and make them more delicate and harmonious.

It is characterised by the wide cooking zone, the drawer hidden behind the carving and the overhead hook with the same decorations.

The carving is hand made and is the leitmotif that goes throughout the kitchen with small columns that underline the main parts enhancing it.

The travertine walnut top with the moved shelves in the back, the choice of vintage appliances, the delicate colours satisfy the desire of harmony and warmth and make the kitchen itself a functional and representative place where you can host you guests.

The lacquering in dove grey nuances along with the delicate ivory outlines intensify its elegance.

The Pompeian red version gives to the environment a warm atmosphere and it makes the kitchen more suitable for a country background.

Custom made in various pastel finishing, eco friendly as every other item from Opificio Italiano collections.