Item #851/D - Opale double bed in Neoclassical Louis XVI style

with refined legs, lesens and carved pommels. Lacquered by hand colour #09 cream and gold outlines, panel painted with floral pattern. Available in single and super single size.
L: 170 D: 205 H: 135

Item #736 - Opale chest of drawers in Neoclassical Louis XVI

with refined legs embellished with carvings and lesens, gold leaf decorations, lacquered with eco friendly colours, colour #09 cream and gold outlines, antiqued with natural earths.
L: 120 D: 50 H. 100

Item #736 Opale mirror wall in Louis XVI style second half XVIII century, lacquered colour # 09 cream, gold leaf decorations

L: 95 H: 130

Item #850 - Opale bedside, late XVIIIth century

made in lacquered lime wood, aged with natural polish. All our items are produced in our laboratory by master wood artisans
L: 55 D: 35 H: 70

Item #802 - Opale bedside with two shutters in Louis XVI style

realised by hand in solid lacquered lime wood and aged with natural polish. All our finishing are realised with water based varnish, to be cleaned with neutral products
L: 130  D: 63  H: 220